SAM TSIMA Coaching Podcast

Coaching Methods

August 11, 2019

SAM TSIMA Coaching Methods are at first generic and then evolve to be tailor-made as the client becomes clear about their coaching theme, goals and objectives. We are coaching very highly educated and experienced professional executives. They often demonstrate high egos in their behaviour, justifiably so. They represent certain status in the society and have earned such status. They know what they want, and are facing daily challenges from their businesses and teams. These challenges are real and must be resolved, or they must be assisted to grow their professional careers. Our Coaching Session is divided into Checking-In, Conversations, and Checking-Out. Our Coaching Model is titled The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY! It is a transformational leadership development model. The checking-in uses the Body, Mind, and Spirit Methodology, which is executed through mindfulness, meditation, or pure reflection on the client’s Current State of Being (CSB) or developments experienced by the client since the previous session. The coaching conversation is based on the client agenda, deduced either from the checking-in or submitted formally into the session by the client. The checking-out is in a form of evaluation of the coaching session and answers five questions plus listing of the actions from the session. The five checking-out questions are: Confirmations, Aha Moments, New Insights, Take Home, and New Behaviours/Practices.

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